Studio KonKon (スタジオこんこん)

Digitally Re-scored and rendered. Exported as individual tracks, mixed and mastered. Studio KonKon has a collection of Public Domain music reworked digitally that can be opened in modern notation software for editing, re-arranging and studying. Also known by the name of スタジオこんこん

Not all Sibelius and musicXML files are available yet. Unfortunately, it takes a long time to transcribe these scores digitally. Please don’t ask for the score if I haven’t provided one. When I qualify for YouTube’s monetization only then will I provide those files for download of non-copyright sheet music. Alternatively, you can donate to our project to get any we have but haven’t released (no refunds).

If you would like to use any of the music in these videos please let me know, credit this channel by placing this channels name (“スタジオこんこん” or “Studio KonKon”) and the link to the original video within your videos description and if possible as a card or annotation at the end of your video.

Please don’t simply try to hide credits at the very bottom of a lengthy description or buried within a lot of other text.


Music performed and recorded by Studio KonKon

While in Public Domain, these audio recordings are copyright protected by “Studio KonKon”. Please ask permission before using and follow the guide above before re-sharing in your own original work (not exact or similar duplicates).

Once you have permission from us (to use audio content) you are free to use however you like as long as you don’t try to place your own copyright on the music itself.

Read more: Our rights, you rights and permissions.

Terms of use of music materials

  • After permission, music audio provided by us can be used regardless of commercial use or personal use.
  • Use for education, web, video, games, radio etc. Please use it as some kind of Background Music.
  • It is forbidden to sell music alone or distribute.
  • We do not forget about copyright. The copyright of Audio Content belongs to “Studio KonKon”.
  • It is forbidden to forge an act of owning our recordings (or an act of pretending to be the composer, arranger or transcriber etc…)
  • Works using music shall not be registered with copyright management organisations
  • This site is not responsible for any losses incurred during use.
  • We reserve the right to remove any content that we believe is unlawful, infringing, inappropriate or not in line with our Guidelines.

Please do not register as content ID of YouTube.

Please DO NOT register any material using the content of this site and our audio recordings as the content ID of YouTube. If Content ID is registered, users using the same music material on YouTube will receive copyright protection warnings or strikes. Consignment of selling sites, labels, companies etc. that are managing products under the content ID, those who sell and post works using our content should consider carefully not to register the content ID.

If you see any Copyright Claims by anyone other than “Studio KonKon” (“スタジオこんこん”), please do act by appealing against the copyright claim. There are many fraudulent companies and individuals who are willing to illegally exploit and earn royalties of which does not belong to them; this harms our reputation and may prevent further works been produced.

If other sites receive copyright protection warnings due to the above reasons, please file an objection according to the procedure of the video site.

Some things you can’t do

  • You may never post a link to these scores and audio behind a paid to click or other monetised link service such as (“”) or any other for-profit service, a lot of work is put into to re-scoring and creating musical works and we wouldn’t want others to make money from all of our hard work.
  • You shall never upload or post our work on any other website, this site is the only authorised location.
  • You shall not sell music alone or distribute.
  • You may not sell any videos, music, or images directly using Studio KonKon Content.
  • You shall not registered our work with copyright management organizations or content ID.
  • Videos, music and images that contain mere copies of our Content without creative input or commentary are not permitted.
  • You may not simply upload or livestream an existing Studio KonKon video without your own creative input.
  • You are not permitted to imply or state that your content is officially affiliated with or sponsored by Studio KonKon.

You will only find the latest release of our work on this page, if you have downloaded it from somewhere else then it’s likely obsolete, may have errors or bugs that have already been fixed or may have been modified.

If you want someone to download our content, please point them to this site only. Download Links or content of our work found on other sites are not authorised unless stated on this site.

Beware that unauthorised sites may contain malware, crypto miners or other for-profit service where earnings do not support our work and damage our reputation and ability to continue what we do.

About copyright notices

Copyright notices are not mandatory, but I would be very happy if you could link or credit our work. Please include:

  • Music performed and recorded by Studio KonKon
  • Original Music: {URL of content from this site or YouTube video on our channel}

About download

Please, DO NOT share music materials with direct download links but link back to our website or YouTube video.


  • This site is not responsible for any losses incurred during use.
  • Music materials and contents of this site may be changed / deleted without notice.
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